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D E S I G N 


A cumulation of sorts, featuring my design work(s) from my undergraduate design/studio semesters of study at Cornell University as well as post-Cornell University.
An Elevated (lower) Ninth Ward
Fall 2013


The “American dream” is in part grounded in our fundamental beginnings of owning one’s own land. Throughout the ages that dream has molded itself into various shapes and forms of tangibility, leaving the premise of the house, a home, at the center of the American dream. The goal and “pursuit” to own a home was once an obsession made reality for many individuals. However, for many, that “pursuit” to own a home, remains a dream overshadowed by the growing housing crisis that has persisted throughout the more recent decades.


In particular, designing for disaster prone communities, and the individuals displaced by such disasters, is not something that has been fully practiced in parts of the US where communities live, for all intensive purposes, on water – and are subject to nature’s will. Through the redesigning of the artifice to engage with nature, rather than combat it, the goal is to set root for the disPLACED to continue to grow with the ever-changing will of nature.

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