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:: S C E N T From Heaven

Doing my best to support Black Businesses and promote Black Excellence, I do what I am able to "go tell it on the mountain," once I've been graced by a new black business. And with any business I have supported, Cocoa by Janell Renee does NOT disappoint. "Scent from heaven," a catchphrase on Janell Renee's business card, perfectly describes the scents offered at Cocoa by Janell Renee. A blossoming, all-natural soy candle business, Cocoa by Janell Renee offers you an array of candle scents. Varying in size from wax melts to larger candles, these candles pack a mighty punch. Infusing the air around you with scents like Passion Fruit / Vanilla, Baby Powder (known as Baby September), Sandalwood, YOU NAME IT, you'll be left beyond pleased with your purchase. Cocoa by Janell Renee's candles will leave any space you light these candles in smelling, *in my Outkast voice* so fresh and so clean. So, if you have yet to purchase one or more of these candles, please do not hesitate to do so. You will not regret it.

Janell Renee’s Contact Information:

ADDRESS 5167 Cinderplane Parkway

Orlando, FL 32808

PHONE 407.408.1815 SOCIAL MEDIA Instagram Facebook Etsy

Again, if you have yet to get on the smell good train, please climb aboard. It will be well worth the ride.

:: Post Rationalizing(s)

“Peace is always beautiful.”

― Walt Whitman ―

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