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Rupi Kaur beautifully wrote in her latest book of poems, The Sun and Her Flowers, “what an honor. to be the first woman in the family who gets to taste her desires. no wonder i am starving to fill up on this life. i have generations of bellies to eat for.” Eloquently referencing how blessed she is to have the F R E E D O M to move through life and seek out and live her deepest wishes for a LIFE so full of everything our ancestors fought so hard to ensure we could have the OPTION to reach. This doesn’t negate the fact that we – as women – still have so much to overcome. However, it is still a blessing how far we have come. And just as she infuses how much she is RELISHING the ability to pursue DREAMS that were once out of reach for us, I find myself in constant of awe of my life. In a constant state of RELISHING (in) all that I have been BLESSED with and continue to be blessed with. Not nearly where I know I will one day be, but I am certainly further along than where I once started.

And this journey has been one for the history books.

In a constant flux of growing and blooming, I am learning more and more about myself.

What I want out of life.

What I want out of the people in my life.

Where I want to go.

What I want to see.



I am L E A R N I N G.


And it’s been a beautiful, at times, painful journey. But growing hurts sometimes – and that’s okay, sometimes. Yet, despite it all, the good, the bad, and the so-so, I have never been THIS happy. If I could put into the right words how FULL I am, I would; but, there aren’t words BIG ENOUGH to describe what it is I feel. I owe that feeling to the journey. The journey, at first, I didn’t understand. I am finally starting to… understand. The clarity from this understanding has been PIVOTAL. I don’t think I’d be where I am had I not given myself the time I needed to prepare myself to be READY for the changes I would endure. I still have MILES TO GO (before I sleep) but, so far, the ride has been good to me.

God at the wheel, I know where I am being steered is HIS PLAN. And HIS PLAN is far greater, yet, somehow, in alignment with my plan. I am left with no complaints. Only endless GRATITUDE.

Thank you (God). Because slow and steady wins the race. And this is the PACE at which seems to fit best. Thus, I am in no rush to let this story, my story, our STORIES, BLOOM quicker than intended. For the BLOSSOMS witnessed thus far have been too beautiful to refuse or overlook.


In advance.


:: Post Rationalizing(s)

“Once you begin to discover who you are, then you’ll realize, how you have been given authority over your life… But you can only do that through the struggle of life.”

― Movie Excerpt: The 15:17 to Paris ―

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