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:: T H A I L A N D

When the opportunity to travel to a new country, a moment in the world, crafted by God, arises, financially willing, I never decline. As with many trips before (and I am sure those to follow), such was the case with my last, most recent trip to Thailand.

Stars, moons, planets and coins in alignment, a 10-day Southeast Asian adventure was planned. The first half to be spent with a larger group of friends and the second half a “Bestie” vacay – breakaway. Thailand was sure to be filled with not only rest & relaxation but also nothing but good times, good vibes and good people.

Starting our trek in Bangkok, Thailand, we skirted our through the inner city-life of this magnificent country. A motor-bike colored city, Bangkok was marked by the symbolic powered up mopeds that carried, many times than not, entire families to and from various destinations. Corners packed with street carts full of traditional Thai delights, Bangkok was like a New York City on steroids. Yet, unlike New York City, Bangkok’s traditional architecture left a constant reminder that the city was once a city that sprung from the ornate. The skyscrapers and modern structures of today were not the ONLY face of the bustling city. Bangkok, like many cities beyond the borders of America, was a wondrous juxtaposition of old world vs. new world.

A sight,

Worth seeing.

We did just that. Filled our days with sightseeing and our nights with comrade-ry. Our Bangkok experience was full of amazing Thai cuisine, drinks, sticky rice, souvenir bargaining, and at times, moments of being shaded by Thai people watching us struggle to make sense of what