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D E S I G N 


A cumulation of sorts, featuring my design work(s) from my undergraduate design/studio semesters of study at Cornell University as well as post-Cornell University.
Scatola di Cioccolatini :: 
Rebibbia Community Garden Park
Spring 2012 


Rebibbia, a suburb of Rome, Italy, is a city that is notable for the overwhelmingly large prison that marks part of its identity as a community. With it being largely a residential community, despite the prison, the suburb is comprised of an assortment of housing blocks that are gathered around a sprinkling of scattered green spaces. In particular, with the largest undeveloped green space (park of Rebibbia) near the prison, the question of what is Rebibbiaʼs true identity became a highlighted issue. With the prison, commanding so much of Rebibbiaʼs identity already due to its high profile, the question was how to reinvent this identity, rather than simply generate a new one completely, to encompass more than just the prison, but the actual people who live in the surrounding community. Thus, as a proposal, I presented the idea of a part city-run and part communal-run garden scheme. In this proposal, the idea was to bring beauty to the barren park that was rarely used due to its lack of trees and other vegetation and nearby amenities. It was also intended to be an opportunity for the community to unite together at one common area, whether to help out in the actual gardening or to simply admire the beauty of the assortment of vegetation that would be scattered throughout the park. With this proposal, the goal was to bring a sense of pride for the people of Rebibbia. Through using preexisting paths and a proposal for a small addition to the actual prison for the purposes of mother’s with children, to create an overall layout of a box of chocolates (the chocolates being the plots of gardens), I strove to connect the inmates with the people of Rebibbia with a common theme: gardens. Since gardening is a great way to unite people with similar interests for nature, etc., the proposal for the small addition to the prison was meant to bring a little piece of the box garden in the Rebibbia Park inside the prison. All in all, the intention of this proposal was beautification.

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