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N A T U R A L • S E L E C T I O N S 

When you are RIGHT within, you can WIN. Make your health, your wealth. Adjust your crown, and SHINE. 

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10 Mar 2018

Ysra Daley-Ward penned in her book of poems, titled, bone, that, “Today is the first day of the rest of it. Of course, there will be other first days but none exactly like this.”  Preceding those very lines with the subtle verse, “Seize that loveliness. It has always been yours.” Signaling to us, that this day, this LOVELY day, is ours for the taking. It is ours for the cultivating. It is ours for the living.

It is OURS.


All the LOVELINESS is there for us to marinate our souls in.

Glow in.

Grow in.

Be FULL and then let some more in.


All we have to do is seize it.

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