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September 20, 2017

• T W O: clapback chronicles

Ignorance Challenge

In the second installment of the Clapback Chronicles, we reiterate today that ignorance truly sees no color. Like any forceful reminder, ignorance, like a pimp slap to the face with powder, will come at you fast and with the same FORCE that life, gravity, YOU NAME IT, will hit you with.

Once again, ignorance reared its shady head as well as claimed another victim. Equipping that same misguided victim / individual with an abundance of less than smart arsenal, ignorance proved that it still reigns supreme in the land of the questionably free. In search of the chill this poor young lady clearly lacks, I find myself tumbling down the rabbit hole to "reclaim my time," to use it to share a petty piece of my mind. Just a little slice of, "I ain't the one and today ain't the day, sis...," I am left with no other choice but to shade the un-shaded. Though I do FIRMLY, enjoy relishing and flourishing in my petty ways, I do realize, that outside of this receipt collecting post, the real issue still remains: my BLACK is only beautiful when put on display. It is not beautiful on me. 

That is a problem. 

Maybe one day, in a post less shade induced, I'll explore this issue further. Until then, do indulge. And it is perfectly okay if you are NOT SORRY that you are NOT SORRY. Reclaim your time! Reclaim your SORRYs. They are not for FREE! 

It is time we stop being sorry for what we feel. It is time we stop being sorry for calling an “alternative” right a REAL wrong.

It is time.
No more.

Do NOT be sorry.

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