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D E S I G N 


A cumulation of sorts, featuring my design work(s) from my undergraduate design/studio semesters of study at Cornell University as well as post-Cornell University.
Olympia Pharmacy ::
Expansion Pharmacy Facility; Windermere, FL
2015 - 2016


Olympia Compounding Pharmacy is one of only a handful of registered FDA Out-sourcing Facilities because new FDA rules are so stringent. The Outsourcing Facilities are now the ONLY pharmacy’s permitted to provide compounded medications for use in physician’s offices, clinics, and hospitals. Olympia is the ONLY Outsourcing Facility in Central Florida. In fact, Olympia’s current facility, which launched in June of 2014, was built from the ground up as an FDA Outsourcing Facility.


Olympia came to KTH for design opportunities that support Olympia’s unique marketing and education needs at their existing facility. KTH has created a solution that includes an expansion with a new stair access opening to a second level, and high-tech finish upgrade representative of the advanced healthcare services being developed and implemented at Olympia Compounding Pharmacy.

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