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P H O T O G R A P H Y 


A PHOTO series, nothing more, nor nothing less. Simply a collection of my own works; displaying my various interests. As with anything, beauty is found in everything if you look hard enough.
d u b a i • (d e s e r t • s a f a r i )  
Fall 2016 


Dubai, is a multi-part photo series, chronicling my brisk week in one of the UAE's most outstanding cities. Just ten image bursts of some of my grandest moments, this mini photographic series is simply a snapshot, a scrapbook, of beautiful people and beautiful places, and, well, the beauty of life. 

q u i c k i e  
Winter 2015 - Ongoing 


Quickie, as suggestive as it sounds, is simply a photographic journey of not-so but so-ish selfie explorations. Though I am a NOT the biggest fan of photographing myself, I do, from time to time, find myself as the focal point of my own camera. And, naturally, these handful of random shots, are just that: selfie by-products. 

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