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:: Edges

A long time coming, as many other things in this life, this project budded, slowly but surely. Giving it the time needed to properly bloom, I toiled, as best I could, to put as much of myself into this undertaking. Though not completely perfect, it is just a stepping stone in the marketing and progress of my future. As I have grown throughout the years, with many moments in my life and primarily my time at Cornell University, driving, molding, shaping, and stretching my creatvity to new levels, I only hope for this endeavor to grow as fruitfully. With time as the only condition that will tell the stories yet to come, I will let this project mature as it may, rough edges and all.

:: Post Rationalizing(s)

“The way to success is not a straight line segment. It's a dotted line with little packs of failure filling the potholes of broken edges inbetween.” ― Israelmore Ayivor ―

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