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A leap year.

One, many of us thought, would be the beginnings of the most epic experience we all deemed, paying homage to Justin’s album, “the #2020Experience.” Little did we know that experience meant a world-wide outbreak, a pandemic, of a virus called COVID-19.

This virus's foothold started in 2019 and went largely unchecked until about February of this very year. Finally, it spread across the world killing hundreds of thousands of people at an alarming rate. Quickly, it became deemed one of the deadliest airborne viruses. Leading to an EPIC shutdown of thousands of economies, industries, businesses, you name it.

The world on a lockdown.

Not the 2020 experience most of us had in mind, but surely an experience no less.

This year has not been the rosiest due to this pandemic. Even despite the grim reality, it has been a nice reminder to how truly beautiful life can be when all you have is what is around you. Many of us have found ourselves enjoying the little things more. Picking up new or continuing old hobbies. Exploring the places that immediately surround us. Being more cognizant of not only the health of those around us, but the health of our own selves. This pandemic has S L O W E D us down. Forced us into new ways of communication, working, living and just being. It has, in my opinion, been quite the refresher. And as tired as I am of saying this, 2020 has been the year of a “new” normal.

A different normal.

A calmer normal – even despite the impending fear of the damages the COVID-19 can reap on the human body if it is contracted.

Now how long will this normal last? Who knows. However, all we can do at this time is to continue to protect our health and that of those around us. Put more time in thanking God for giving us yet another day to get up and witness the wonders He has surrounded us with.

Life, though hard, is not devoid of ease and beauty.

It is still beautiful, even when it is plagued by negativity.

With that, I do hope you are able to find solace in the simpler things. There is just too much good NOT to cherish.

:: Post Rationalizing(s)

“If you surrender to the wind you can ride it.”

― Toni Morrison ―

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