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:: W E E K E N D(aze)

Bar Refaeli once said, and it still rings true, “Family, friends, a good laugh and beautiful weather are the best cures.” Having had the grand pleasure of spending many of my weekends in the presence of either family or friends at table full of good food, good drinks and ceaseless laughter, I’ve truly come to understand why people say, “happiness looks good on”… you… me… us!

Continuing my happiness tour, a few weekends ago, I hit up a favorite brunch spot of mine with a good friend. And might I add, there’s just something about a good weekend brunch with a friend (or friends) that just really makes a lazy day a fun day. The chance to chit chat about life and all that comes with it – the good and the bad. Catching up on random things. Laughing about nothing and everything. Just the simple act of enjoying your friend’s (or friends’) company is more than enough to warm the soul. It’s in those moments when life is just happening that sometimes, some of the most memorable experiences of your life happen. And such was the case a few weekends back when I went to that brunch with a friend of mine. And my oh my was I glad that I decided to bring my camera that day. I have, in the last year, been blessed with having friends (& colleagues) that own pets. Not owning one myself, I take it upon myself to LOVE ON the pets of my friends. Such was the case that weekend at brunch with my friend Jay – a new puppy mom. Jay, mom to a little Yorkie pup named Mia, is truly a beautiful soul. With Mia in her arms, I decided what better opportunity was there than to capture some pictures of her beautiful little pup. Little did I know, it would turn into a full-on impromptu photoshoot of this beautiful couple and their dogs. Starting brunch as anyone would do, we order our bottomless mimosas and our meals. During our wait, I snap some pics of Mia. Mia, a tiny but mighty force to be reckoned with, is the literal cutest. Do not let her pink bow and collar fool you because this little bundle of joy is full of spunk! Again, she is the cutest little pup you’ll ever meet and her mom, Jay, as noted, is such a DOPE soul. Snapping as many pics of her as I could get before she was board of me being her personal paparazzi, I relished in the fact that she gave me a few boss-puppy poses. Satisfied with the moments I caught of Mia; the universe decided that my photographic adventures were not over that day.

Running into some of her former and current co-workers, Jay’s conversations led to not only some professional connections but also opened the door to us chit-chatting with a couple – also dog owners. Dogs doing the thing they do, meet and sniff, led me to capturing some of their moments of intermingling. With Jay’s help of hyping my photographic talents to the couple, I ended up taking a series of “family” group photos of the couple and their pups. It was truly a great experience and too much fun. In the middle of the impromptu shoot, we laughed, we drank, and we truly enjoyed the moment for all the perfect coincidences it ended up blossoming into. It was truly a day to remember and I cannot believe how beautiful life can be. It was more than just an honor to shoot that couple and their pups (and my friend Jay’s puppy, Mia).

On that note, I wanted to share just a few images from that wonderfully, surprisingly beautiful weekend. Just a few snapshots of life and the love that it holds. May it bring a little warmth to your soul – as it did mine that day. May life continue to bless me… you… us… with more days / weekends like that: a day of sunshine!

:: Post Rationalizing(s)

“We tend to forget that happiness doesn’t come as a result of getting something we don’t have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have.”

― Frederick Keonig ―

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