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:: Humanoids

Humanoids, or rather, People, is a photo series that explores an aspect of photography that I dread really having to pursue: Street Photography.

I’ve never been good at street photography, or in my own words, “stalker” photography. I don’t particularly like taking photos of strangers. I find it uncomfortable, and even more difficult to wait for that “decisive” moment when the subject you want to shoot is in a desired enough frame that you snap before the moment dissolves into oblivion. So, naturally, I struggle trying to capture the moments I want without really appearing to be photographing the person. However, unlike most "stalker" photography shoots, this shoot invovled someone I knew very well: my best friend.

Again, I must reiterate that I have never been one to enjoy photographing people. It is truly an art form all in its own and some are blessed with the skilled eye to do it very well. I, myself, am NOT blessed with such a skillful eye. However, when given the opportunity to photograph people, I do my best and practice with what ever skills I possess.

And as seen in this shot, I was given the opportunity to shoot my best friend with yet another photographer colleague of mine a few weekends ago. We found a park and ran wild, trying to capture the “tribal” theme of her outfit juxtaposed with the everyday life in a small park. Proud of myself and my little nuggets of success (i.e. this is just one of a handful of great moments captured), I look forward to more opportunities to do this.

:: Post Rationalizing(s)

"You still have a lot of time to make yourself be what you want."

― S.E. Hinton ―

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