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:: Century's Quarter

Unforgivably, well maybe not so harshly, but most definitely unfortunately so, I have not done my best to update my budding blog. With hopes in doing better, I'll make the promise to myself to ensure that I leave a few words before the end of November ― hence, this post now ― as well as before December's end.

On that note, I must acknowledge two very important moments in my life that have occurred. First and foremost before I do just that, it must be stated for the record that November is my favorite month. It is the month in which Fall is in full swing, with leaves colored in red, yellow and orange hues ― just before the browns, greys and whites of winter take hold. It is the month where the wind doesn't painfully cut, but still caresses, just more briskely. It is the month where sweaters, blankets, cuddles, warm hands, steaming cups of hot chocolate, and all and everything pumpkin (sugar and spice or not) bloom. It is the month where Thanksgiving calls home; this of course, is looking beyond the historical scars of the holiday and just accepting the holiday for all of its pagan glory. (Thanksgiving is simply a day to induldge in the sin of gluttony with a "Sorry I'm Not Sorry" attitude as well as be joyous and grateful for all that you do have ― be it people, a point in life, love, happiness, and the list goes on.) And every two years or four years (pending how your political invovlements go), November is the month for elections and the decisions that come with such actions. Now, as grand as all that is, the MOST important reason for my love of this beautiful month is the fact that is my birth month. It was on the 4th day of this month on which I was ushered into this "world." Reluctantly so, I entered, full of screams and tears. I suppose, even then, I knew of all hardships to come being a black female in a world white-washed and male-driven, but, there I was, a healthy "bundle of joy." THAT was all of TWENTY FIVE YEARS ago. A century's quarter: a quarter of an entire century. Unbelievably, I've managed to find my way through this hard knock life. Grateful and happy, I am in a good place. I am still moving. Still searching. Still finding. Still learning. Still growing. Still: and moved: by the grace of life ― even despite it ALL. All the good. All the bad. All the in-between-ness of everything. Everything in love. Everything in hate. Everything in the emotional spectrum of LIFE. Life. Life: IS: good. Flipping the coin, the second most important reason for my love of this month, glorious and full of LIFE, is the simple joy of employment. Finally, a working class member of society, though a transient one to be honest (but that is neither here nor there); I am full. Full of life. Full of happy-ness. Full of it ALL. Though, right now, my track is bit different than intended, it is still a track. A track to somewhere pleasant ― which, if you ask me, is all that matters. As much as I'd normally go into where I work, what I do, and so forth that is where my LinkedIn profile comes into play. This post isn't here for such descriptions. It is here to pay ode, homage, to my joy for all that is happening in my life. For the beauty of life. For everything that I am grateful for. So, I think, I'll just leave this here, as it is.

:: Post Rationalizing(s)

"To each their own. And my own is my own. So leave me alone.”

― Jenn Satsune ―

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