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Swiftly, the end of January ushered in a few noteworthy moments. The first being, my younger brother's, eloquently named, "Jordan Year" (or in more commonly known, 23rd Birthday). Which, mind you, following an unconventional, but traditional holiday season, we celebrated with not only our mother, but with our father, Chocolate Ice Cream Cake and a King Cake. An absolutely beautiful day, we were simply what many people seek daily: H A P P Y (and full of unspoken, but well felt, LOVE).

Following that grand day, January left me, on its last day, the opportunity to speak at the Urban League Gala to promote the importance of literacy and never giving up on one's dreams - even despite trying circumstances. So, once again, I got to share "my story" with individuals who all have the same goal as I do: to inspire people to keep going. As hard as this journey has been, and still is, I wouldn't change any of it because the opportunities that have been provided to me have led me down some amazing paths and to some even more outstanding individuals. And in the great words of Nas, "Life is good. No matter what. Life. Is. Good."

But now, and most prominent, January leads us, by us, I mean "americans," into February. Unless you live under a rock, sorry I am not sorry for the attack on intelligence, February is and has been for many years now, Black History Month. Though it should simply be just another month like every OTHER month, it is not. It was given to us. And this us is black. Black people: Black Women, Black Men, Black Children and all those with one drop of "blackness."

ONE month.

Twenty eight or twenty nine days of "acceptable" celebration for the accomplishments of Black individuals.

ONE month: the shortest month of the year.

ONE month.