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:: I. Grams

Grams, as this series will be respectfully titled, will be my attempt at incorporating M O R E into my small, budding blog. From media that I find intriguing, to the thoughts and dabblings of my friends and colleagues, to just about anything that I find worthy of sharing. I'd like this little series to be a way to keep me invested in writing more often and a gateway to keeping me, you, us aware of what is going on in the world - from the good, the bad and the ugly.

Thusly, the first of, hopefully, many grams to come, will be MUSIC! A handful of people who know me, and know me well (to various degrees) know that when I write, I always write to music. Sometimes my musical selections set the tone to what I am writing, other times, they are simply background noise. Even so, music is vital in my writing process. It focuses my mind, helps me declutter my thoughts, and calms me. And at times, it spawns newer thoughts - of which manifest themselves, usually, in the form of a poem. All in all, MUSIC is a necessity.

And without further ado, I share this little gem: Weekend in Atlantis. Featured on the MSFTS compilation album, Jaden Smith & Daniel D'artiste create a work of art. Infused with summer days and the bliss of "love and loss," this song brings nothing but good VIBES. So, indulge. Enjoy. Repeat.

Just in case you want more, go subscribe (Youtube) or follow (Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, Instagram) Nostalgic Jams. Then you can Induldge in ALL your nostaligia-induced feels and simply vibe out to cool sounds and vocals. Again, enjoy. Repeat.

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