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:: Twenty Six

Reposting, repeating, and reiterating my ever so wise, dearest friend, Shelynn, "Twenty Six never looked so old." However, is one ever too old to still enjoy and relish in the merriment that inevitably comes with celebrating the day of one's birth? I believe NOT. So, in my old and tender age of Twenty Six, I relish. I absorb. I am. HAPPY. I am. The LOVE that surrounds me. I am. And with no apologies: BLESSED. I am. WAY UP!! *in my Drake "Hotline Bling" voice* I. Simply. Am.

On that quick note, I will share instead of a Gram, a moment. A moment captured in two images of that very joyous merriment I mention so ambiguously above: my birthday day goodies.

Keeping this short and absolutely sweet, I'll end with simply this: NOVEMBER FOURTH was unlike but like any other day. It was quite Simple, and yet GRAND. It was everything it needed to be and shared with the MOST important people. And for that, I thank God. As He provided so much more than I could ever ask for or anticipate. From the ones I love the most ― my family ― to my dearest and truest friends, God carved out one amazing day for ME.

What more can a girl ask for?

:: Pos​t Rationalizing(s)

"So many things become beautiful when you really look."

― Lauren Oliver ―

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