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:: Stars (and Trees)

With the end of TWENTY FIFTEEN in sight, it is only natural that I close this year with one last entry. Having fallen off my writing game for a time being, I'll, yet again, make the promise to do better with the new coming year. As things in my life are falling beautifully into place, I have the utmost belief that I won't need to find reasons to write regularly ― I'll simply do so. Because, in the long and short of it, God will finish the plans He has for me. He will see it all through and I'll have no choice but to share the FULLNESS that will be in my life with those around me. Like my grandfather used to always tell me when I was nothing but a young girl with wild, free hair and no cares in the world outside when I'll be able to go outside and breathe in the deep air of BLISSFUL FUN: "every single time you smile, the world smiles with you." And why would I deny the world the opportunity to smile? Thus, I'll continue to share not only the bad and the ugly, but, namely, the good and the beautiful, all in hopes that it will bring a smile (or some sort of joy) to someone else outside myself. So, on that quick note, I'll wrap this final entry up with a few final words.

TWENTY FIFTEEN, like most other years, was grand. Pregnant with highs and lows and happenstances, this year brought me closer to the many I love so dearly as well as closer to my own understanding of self. I wouldn't have it any other way as I learned more than words could describe and I accepted that with a little more patience than usual, God will show you what it is He has planned for you. If there was anything to be changed, I doubt I would because this year was truly a blessing full of many lessons. So, I am sorry that I am NOT sorry that I am leaving this year with nothing to regret. My only hope is that Twenty Sixteen is just as grand.

Nonetheless, I send my warmest wishes to everyone this holiday season. May this year end on a beautiful note, just as mine is doing, and may the new year begin on a note just as melodic.

Happy Holidays and, more so, Happy New Year!

And remember... S M I L E.

:: Post Rationalizing(s)

"What a wonderful thought it is that some of the best days of our lives haven't happened yet."

― Unknown ―

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