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:: I.Slay.We.Slay.

Queen Bey has done it once again! She slid into our virtual DMs and dropped all the fire and all the power of BLACK GIRL MAGIC / VOODOO in the graceful form of a music video titled, Formation. Preaching the black gospel, Beyoncé, the SAVAGE, unapologetically, announced in an eloquent way that BLACKNESS is not only beautiful, it is supreme. Rich, brown sugar, crowned with the curls God so purposefully gave us, Queen Bey silenced haters with Blue Ivy's cameo showcasing her four-year-old princess' full head of glorious hair. With the attitude of a Queen-to-be, Blue Ivy served us a golden platter full of FACE declaring, "STAY MAD if you want to, because my curls are still flourishing as are these paper rolls my mama is getting."

It is as if Queen Bey knew. She knew we needed an anthem. By we, I mean, black women and just black people in general. She knew we needed a proclamation that SHOUTED how powerful we truly are, how deep we truly love ourselves, and how proud we are: To. Be. BLACK. Like the video itself, the empowerment and adoration for BLACK LIVES and how they've mattered and still matter is deeply infused with the imagery of the video. Paying homage to my home state, Louisiana, and in particular, New Orleans, Beyoncé's Formation video features clips from a documentary about the FLAVOR of NOLA's music and dance culture. Interweaving a cry for solidarity amongst our own, Queen Bey rises with a team of black women dawning locks of curly love to snatch all the wigs and shave all the edges of the unsuspecting. And letting the world know that she came to SLAY. And as she paves the way, WE SLAY.

Showcasing our state of WOKE-(ness), Beyoncé revived the powers of Black Women reminding all the non-believers, haters, and powers-at-be that, though we may be “tired of being tired,” we are still going to fight. We are still warriors. And we will rise, like a phoenix from the ash, and WIN. So, who runs the world: Beyoncé… well, actually, WE run the world: G I R LS. Black Girls. Black Women. Black People. At least, that is what we will tell ourselves and those around us to get through the hatred, bigotry, and racism each day presents us. But thanks to Beyoncé, we can do just that with a FIRE anthem blasting in the background as the soundtrack to our beautifully colored lives.

Remember, stay WOKE. If you remain READY then there will never be a need to get READY.

:: Post Rationalizing(s)

"Never apologize for being DOPE."

― Unknown ―

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