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Naturally, it is only expected that I scream at the top of my lungs about how truly special this day is. It is more than just simply a national holiday in my Black Woman Magic & Voodoo Book, however, it is a day BLESSED by the BEST, of whom we all know as GOD — so BIG UPs to the Big Man Upstairs, for gracing us with yet another glorious year in celebration of my Mother. As colloquially noted on Facebook (see below), there are not enough words to put into use to describe my absolute and unbounded LOVE for this woman. She is like no other. And even if I could find the words, AGAIN, there would NOT be enough.

My mother is LOVE. She is beautiful. She is my everything. My foundation. My reason for GRINDING as hard as I do. She helped mold me into who I am today and there isn't a thing I'd change about that. I learned kindness, patience, and forgiveness from her. I learned to use my pain to carry myself out of despair and on to better days. I learned strength is not just physical, but mental. I learned that all that glitters is NOT gold, but that doesn't mean you cannot find a diamond in the stone. I learned that life is ugly, surrounded by so much beauty and it is our JOB to SEEK out that beauty. You only see what you seek. I learned that when life gives you LEMONS, you make LEMONADE — as sweet or as tart as you'd like. I learned that life is GOOD despite it all - despite the bigotry, despite misogyny, despite racism, despite all the BAD. And so much more. She has truly been a beacon in my life.

So, I wish her nothing but the absolute BEST of the BEST! Just like the lack of words in the dictionary, if I could give her all she ever wanted, I'd do so. However, until that moment, I'll give my LOVE – just as she has given me for twenty six beautiful years!

Facebook PSA:

Well, well, well, guess which QUEEN's birthday is being celebrated today? The one and only, the best out of the all the rest, my reason, my foundation, my ORIGINAL BESTIE: MY MOM.

If there were enough words in all the different dictionaries of the world to describe my LOVE for this woman, I'd use them all even though they wouldn't be enough. She is the original RIDE or DIE. She's been holding me down since BIRTH! What more can a young woman, like myself, ask for in a parent!?

Through the thickest thick and thin-est thin, she's rose. Above all adversity. She's found the will to persevere and show my brother and myself that a little humility and saying "Thank You," goes a long way. The Black Woman magic within her is unprecedented. She is one of kind and I thank the God for her everyday (and I also thank Pearl and Nelson - well, for obvious reasons *insert wink emoji*)!

So, Ma Dukes, live it up! Enjoy this day! Revel in all the glory and beauty God has bestowed upon your miraculous soul! I send you all my LOVE!

Happy Birthday Mom!

And ANOTHER ONE *in my DJ Khaled voice*: Happy Birthday Mom! I love you to the edge of the universe!

:: Post Rationalizing(s)

"Pride had kept her running when love had betrayed her.”

— Susan Elizabeth Phillips —

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