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And just like that, on the fourth of November, I was blessed to venture around the sun for yet another one-of-a-kind year. Unlike my twenty sixth year, this year, I decided that traveling, to bigger, grander places further from the comforts of Florida, was a leap I was ready to take. So, like a destiny, I had not been fully aware of, but one that soon appeared to me, I jumped (reluctantly – but I am glad I made the leap) at the opportunity to visit Dubai (UAE). With the flight leaving the day after the celebration of my birth, I knew, from that moment forth that my birthdays can no longer stay as just a small act of jubilance. But rather, they must reach heights like no other. They must be, as I love to say, GRAND. Grand: on a worldly scale.

There is, no longer, any going back.

From this moment, forth, I will seek to create memories that I cannot fathom NOT sharing with others. What other way is there to truly celebrate the life God has so graciously blessed me (us) with? Thus, LIVING is what I'll do.

Living fully.

Living vibrantly.

Living happily.

L I V I N G.

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"My turn shall also come: I sense the spreading of a wing.”

― Osip Mandelstam —

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