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Because I enjoy sharing things, be it words, products, articles, or what have you, I wanted to share this grand product that I discovered while listening to one of my favorite podcasts, The Friend Zone. During the podcast episode, one of the hosts, Fran, shared with us a natural alternative to the usual, and sometimes more harsh deodorants found in stores. This natural deodorant is called, Lone deodorant.

A family run company, Lone’s product line is made from all natural based products designed to remove the toxins that usually build up under your arms. A healthier alternative to the harsh products currently on the shelves in stores, that also aid in the toxins left behind under your arms, Lone, provides a safe solution to all underarms, no matter how sensitive.

Reasonably priced, ranging between $9.50 - $9.95 a bottle, Lone, is a great investment to make for the overall health of your underarms. Not to mention, Lone, also offers natural lip products, soaps, body washes, as well as body lotions. Leaving you with the ability to get a full complete skin care experience. So, do yourself a favor and check out Lone. You will not regret it.

Link: LONE

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"Dare to expand."

― Tatianna Tarot―

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