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My mom.

The LOVE of my life.

The first LOVE.

Truest LOVE.

Blessed with yet another magnificent year of life, is truly like no other woman I know. Full of that Black Mom Magic that is as rare as common sense, my mom is one of a kind.

Ready to go to the ends of the UNIVERSE for my brother and me, she is force to be reckoned with. Sparing no mercy for the foolishness, she'll kindly READ you all of your receipts without breaking a sweat. Redirect you to the path of gathering your life, provide with a seat should find yourself standing in bigotry and / or stupidity, as well as fix your life if Iylana's sorcery wasn't enough to restore you to the state of being just beyond, "oh no baby... what is you doing?" But EVEN DESPITE, she'll let you BE GREAT because she already sees you as such. She'll let you know to rise HIGH, when they go low. She'll make you lemonade when life hands you lemons (and sweeten it with just the right amount of agave). She'll even, still, tuck you in at night and sing you the "good morning” song when you are deep into your "adulting" years.

She's a light. A beacon of joy. And truly the BEST GIFT God has so graciously blessed me with.

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