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With June being scoliosis awareness month, I decided to jot down a quick poem about it. An imperfectly perfect characteristic of the body God designed just for me, it has been a part of me since I was diagnosed in middle school. Cause unknown, I lived with it through my youth. Avoiding more significant instances where corrective surgery is needed, I learned through the power of yoga, Pilates, and good posture that the pains of my spine, the pains my mom couldn't ease with just a simple kiss or hug, the pains I couldn't ease with just sleep, could be eased through exercises and better awareness to how my body was positioned. Knowing that back pain would be a life long side effect, I learned to love my curve.

Though I don't speak on it much, I know the dips, the turns, and overly used discs make me uniquely me. My spine is my trunk. And like a tree, I grow crookedly but always towards the sun.


a poem to my spine

First R I G H T


a small

R O U N D about

Into A . . . H H H H


growing pains

T R E E S never grow straight

Crooked roots

the F O U N D A T I O N

still . . . S T R O N G


during the drive

D I S C S may scratch in overuse