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:: XVIII. Grams

Something about FREEDOM. And I mean real, true F R E E D O M that brings a strength to overcome everything and anything. Nina Simone said it best in the outro to Freedom Interlude, a musical gem I'll be sharing by Noname off her album titled Telefone:

I'll tell you what freedom is to me: No fear!

Constantly in pursuit of freedom, I cherish the happiess I find when FEAR is finally overcome. Like a weight lifted from my weary shoulders, I... F L Y. Full of air. Full of life. Full of love. Full of all of the BEST things — sugar and spice with everything nice.

As briefly mentioned above, I’ll be sharing a musical gem by Noname. An artist of a unique style and vibe. A vibe full of goodness. A style full of message. Just something about her music speaks volumes with an eclectic feel. Quite unlike others, Noname captures life’s best and worst, beautiful and ugly, sad and happiest of days. Poetry in the lyricism, Noname’s words come to life in Telefone. Reminding us, that overcoming, no matter what it is, is always the GOAL. To overcome. To BECOME. To Be.


As always, induldge. This song is just one of many nice little presents in a plethora of musical gifts. So, again, indulge. Share. Repeat.

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