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:: Negro Stairway To Heaven

Keeping this brief and to the point, in a collaborative effort to pay homage to some of the greater gospel songs of the most recent decades, two peers and myself decided to join forces to create a little magic. And together, the iTunes playlist, Negro Stairway To Heaven was born. With Javanti Rogers composing the playlist with the finest musical gems, Bianca DuBose brilliantly titling the playlist, and myself, exercising my growing Photoshop skills to create the collage for the playlist's cover art, a spiritual collection of some of Gospel's very best was collected in one small, yet mighty package. Leaving very little to be desired outside of more of God's beautiful glory, this playlist wraps you in happiness and allows you to rejoice in all of God's grace the best way you CHOOSE to do so. Praise break, clap, shout, sing at the top of your lungs, shed tears of joy, YOU NAME IT, this playlist embodies it. So, do yourself the grandest favor, and subscribe, add, follow, download the Negro Stairway To Heaven iTunes playlist and don't miss out on climbing those glorious steps to His beautiful, musical kingdom.

If you like to reach out to any of the creatives in which I collaborated with to help create this project for any reason, be it creative advice or to create your very own musical playlist, you can reach out to them via their social media platforms (see below):

Javanti Rogers, also known as, DJ Dalastmo:

Bianca DuBose:

Or myself, Elease Samms:

As per usual, enjoy. Indulge. Share. And of course, repeat.

:: Post Rationalizing(s)

“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent.”

— Victor Hugo —

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