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:: C a n a d a

“To travel is to live.” Once penned by the author, Hans Christian Andersen, eloquently summarizes how life is merely just a collection of experiences had throughout the world. And just as the quote suggests, I have traveled to do just that: LIVE. Being that I refuse to live a boring life, I fill the various corners of my daily experiences with the time God has given me with movement. I move through life in search of peace, beauty, and happiness. Most times, I find myself. In finding myself, I fall into peace, envelope myself in beauty, and fill my cup with overflowing happiness. I gather them all together and, not just feel, but I see. I see my life for all that is good. I see my life for all that, at times, is bad. I see my life for all that is worth to LIVE. I see it for what it is. And I cherish every single crevice, corner, patch, hole, or stitch. I grow in it. Sometimes, I get stuck. But most times, I flourish. It’s a journey that has been like no other and I plan to keep my wings spread. The view from above is just too good to land.

Taking flight, as usual, one of many grand trips to pass and awaiting me, I found myself, soaring high above Ontario, Canada’s finest cities: Toronto. Adventuring there in celebration of the magic that is infused within my beautifully melanated friends, I was greeted by a city whose beauty was so intoxicating that I felt as if I had returned home. Drunk off the architecture and the air alone, I sunk into the charm of Toronto. Swept off my feet, I found, what may come close to the love I left behind in Italy for Italy. It had been some time since a city moved my soul. It was refreshing. And I welcomed it with arms wide open. And with those open arms – armed, pun intended, with my camera as well – I, alongside my amazing friends, explored the city’s graffiti plastered allies, brunched on rooftops, dined in spinning discs with views to a slice of the world, danced, laughed, smiled, and left awestruck by one of God’s most wonderful masterpiece, Niagara Falls, were filled with LIFE.

What more can you ask for?

Yet another moment to add to this book of life.