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:: Parramore Farmer's Market

Among the onset of impending gentrification, the historically and predominately black Parramore neighborhood outside Downtown Orlando has seen its countless days of struggle. Ridden with less-than favorable conditions, the Parramore area has been able to hold on to some of its rooting through local businesses (black-owned and / or not) to keep the neighborhood thriving. Even despite the local businesses that have been in the area for years, the neighborhood still sees its fair share of struggle. However, as part of a city-wide initiative to better neighborhoods like Parramore, slow but inevitable changes are starting to take form. Outside of the gentrification realm – which will bring its own issues and challenges – one great neighborhood initiative that was implemented in the Parramore neighborhood starting earlier this year was the birth of a local farmer’s market.

Skirting around all of the many benefits of local farmer's markets and how they generate money for the local communities, promote local businesses and so forth, one of the most beneficial aspects is how this initiative will bring healthier and locally grown and produced food products to a community that may have otherwise not have been exposed to such products beforehand. Thus, this initiative, can in turn promote conversations around healthier eating and living and beginning the process of re-nourishing the community. And since education is the key to success, creating opportunities to educate a community on the benefits on clean eating and all that come along with it, will in turn begin to build a new foundation to revitalizing the entire community.

Every Saturday from 8:00AM to 1:00PM, you may now visit Parramore’s Farmers Market located outside the Orlando City Soccer Stadium on the east side. With an array of vendors and goodies to choose to from, this new community initiative is just the start of something beautiful blooming. So, go out and support. Do not count yourself out of making a small difference in a community that is beginning a new phase of growth and progress.

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“Support and encouragement are found in the most unlikely places.”

― Raquel Cepeda―

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