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:: this IS that

THIS year, this very year, has truly been THAT year. That year for us. Us: Blacks. Taking "W(in)s" after "W's," we've been rising so beautifully from the cracks in the concrete shaded by the opaque cloud of inequality, oppression, systematically laid pipelines, YOU NAME IT. Dodging L’s like the plague, we’ve been in this glorious evolution. This year, has been the year in which our wings have not only spread, but it has been the year where those very wings have allowed us to take flight. Like, hummingbirds, constantly in flight, in search of the sweet nectar deserved of us, we continue to SOAR.

We are a sight to see.

Subtle and colossal. Powerful when we need soar but soft when it’s time to land. God, took His time with us.

And this is just how beauty is defined.

You can choose to notice it if you want to, but just note, beautiful things never ask for attention. They just simply are.

Something is in the water.

Something is in the air.

Something is brewing... bubbling... spilling over... into the world around us.

Maybe it's unity. Maybe it's realization. Maybe it's bigger than we understand. Either way, it's happening.

There's a BIGGER plan unfolding. Now, the goal is to keep this MOMENTUM going. And, with the premiere of Black Panther under our belts, the MOMENTUM is at all time high. It is:



In our bones.

If any were asleep before, they’ve awoken now; because, one thing is for sure, this movie has left so many of us, Blacks – from all faces of the world–, INSPIRED.

Enriched with a renewed sense of self-pride and self-love, Black Panther has truly, in my humblest of opinions sparked a very small, but necessary fire under all of us. I feel GREATER things are coming.