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:: Design of a Decade

Long before I was given the grand opportunity, through COMPACT, a mentoring program at Jones High School, to become a mentor to Mashayla Scott, I knew her as a young little seedling. Mashayla has been and still is a powerful and magnifying light in my life, the life of her family and the lives of her peers.

Flashback to my years at Jones High School, back in 2005, I given the GRAND opportunity to be introduced to her through one of my best friends. A beautiful little girl then, and even much so now, Mashayla was just a small little spark waiting to IGNITE when I met her well over ten years ago. Growing and blossoming into a beautiful young lady, Mashayla has overcome the odds to succeed and reach heights many may have doubted she could reach. Like many young and determined students & burgeoning adults, Mashayla is not only optimistic of her future, but deeply passionate about continuing her path to higher learning to better herself. Finding the TRUTH in God’s grace to guide her through the thick and the thin, the highs and the lows, she BECAME the HERO of her own story.

A Wonder Woman.

Mashayla, is the product of God’s time spent on crafting her ever so effortlessly into the amazing person she is. And what has been the most magnificent thing to witness is how she is finally REALIZING how POWERFUL she truly is.

A Phenomenal (young) Woman.

Now a graduate of Orlando Technical School’s Nursing program as well as a recent graduate of Jones High School’s class of 2018, Mashayla is a BEACON of LIGHT. Graduating from my high school Alma Mater exactly ten years post my own graduation for the GREAT Jones High School, Mashayla has truly left me speechless. Without the words I need to express my true adoration for her and her successes, I sit in awe and PRAISE God for gracing her with the wings she needed to FLY. And despite the new challenges of college quickly approaching her, I know she will continue to SOAR.

She is truly a brilliant mind and a warming soul. Having the pleasure to work with and guide her in her journey, I am quite impressed by the way she carries herself through any challenge that comes her way. She is truly one of a kind, and I have no doubt that she will be just as exceptional as she is now in any future endeavors she plans to pursue.


I want to thank God for blessing me with the opportunity to witness my mentee, Mashayla Scott, graduate in not one but TWO graduations. I have known her since I was in high school at Jones High School (circa ’05) and I’ve had the pleasure to watch her grow and blossom into the amazing young lady she is now!

I wish her nothing but the greatest that life has to offer, and I pray God continues to light a beautiful path for her to follow! May these moments be everything and more and may tomorrow open the doors to WONDROUS and ENDLESS opportunities!!

Congratulations My Dear!! You are LOVED!! Mashayla you are a STAR!!!

:: Post Rationalizing(s)

“You are a private gold.”

― Nayyirah Waheed ―

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