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:: New York State of Mind

Gustave Flaubert once penned, “Travel makes one modest, you see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” Alluding to the fact, that in the bigger scheme of things, the whole picture is far greater than the pieces that make it up. Our places in this universe are a part of a far larger picture and to think otherwise is doing our own selves an injustice. So, to continually remind myself that LIFE is BIGGER than just me, I travel. I seek. I venture off into what lies beyond just my hometown and circle of comfort. Not unlike any of my international travels, my domestic travels always leave me more awakened to what is going on around me. Knowing, like most of us do, I get caught up in the daily ins and outs of my every day work life, traveling is when I get to, for just a few days, SEE more. DO more. BE more. It’s a refreshing relaxer and reminder, as Mr. Flaubert penned, “…that I occupy such a small place in the world.” As with any trip I take, I always come back with MORE than I left with. And such can be said with my trip to visit long-time / adored friends, some of my favorites, from my days at Cornell University, in Brooklyn, New York. Excited and ready to begin what was to be a wonderful weekend, I was presented a beautiful opportunity that would leave me with MORE than I could ever ask for. Having missed my initial morning flight, as now, it seems was God’s Plan *sang in Drake’s voice*, I was seated next to a young girl in the back of a packed plane on my newly rescheduled flight to New York City. Not realizing then, but God blessed me with an impromptu mentee on that flight.

The sweetest young girl, she was just a breath of fresh air. Preparing for her transition for the next steps in her educational career, Kristiana, as I soon learned her name, was truly a beautiful spirit. Upon touching down in JFK, my chance meeting with Kristiana soon led me to meeting her mother outside of the bag claim area. From that moment forward, we exchanged contact and her mother, a soul as wonderful and beautiful as Kristiana herself – it appears the apple didn’t fall too far from the tree – asked me if I could be a sounding board for her daughter about to start high school. Naturally, I said, YES! It was truly an easy decision because outside of my Issa Rae mentality of “I'm Rooting For Everybody BLACK,” I am also an avid cheerleader for WOMEN and GIRLS, especially BLACK women and girls succeeding in any realm they want to see themselves in. As I am a Black Woman myself, my desires to inspire and be a representation of BLACK EXCELLENCE, but also be a poster image for BLACK WOMAN MAGIC is vital. Because of the women in my life, especially the women of color in my life, I have been able to become the woman I am today. And I want to give / be just that for the young women of color that enter my life. So, I was happy to be given the opportunity to be a small point of contact for a young girl of color rising in her own journey. On that note, I see nothing but beautiful things for Kristiana and her mother. I wish them all the LOVE and glory and blessings in their lives. And may our newly founded relationship continue to blossom as He intended the moment He allowed our paths to cross.

Who’d have known God would have placed such a grand opportunity on my flight to New York City. The small things are always GRAND. The differences this will make in all lives touched will also be equally as grand.

I am forever grateful – in advance.

Blessings on blessings.

:: Post Rationalizing(s)

“They say people in your life are seasons.

And anything that happen is for a reason.”

― Kanye West ―

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