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:: Just FINE

Keeping this short and sweet, I welcomed my 29th year of life on November 4th (2018). I shared my FAVORITE DAY (and holiday *hair flip*) with those I LOVE, appreciate, and cherish most. It was a day worth every bit of the wait. I would not change one ounce of that day or the weekend – in general. And like Mary J. Blige sings in her song, Just Fine, “Gonna live my life, feels so good to get it right…” No truer words have been sung. I’ve been, as I’ve said time and time again, on a pursuit for complete and utter peace and happiness. Living my LIFE for me. Working on me for me. And honestly, it feels so good to get it right.

With my latest revolution around the sun, I’ve continued to be open to the blessings God prepares for me. Though, I am not perfect, nor do I seek to be, I am happy that I am still growing. Learning. Experiencing. Feeling: New things. Good things. Bad things. Because it all shapes me and colors my life.

I am in constant evolution.

I look forward to the many years ahead of me. May they be as sweet as the previous years. And, most importantly, may this year, my 29th year, my grand finale of my twenties, be one worth remembering!

I am hopeful for what’s in store because what has already come to fruition has been so FULFILLING. Never knew I’d be so… FULL.

So, to many more years of joy! Laughter! Growth! And, of course, PEACE.

Again, I am grateful, more than words can explain.

:: Post Rationalizing(s)

“You see I wouldn't change my life, my life's just fine.”

― Mary J. Blige ―

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