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One hundred entries later, I find myself in a state of constant growth – still. Ever changing. Ever becoming. Ever B E I N G. It’s truly amazing how each day, grateful always, brings me new lessons and new blessings. I am, again, forever grateful. More so, I have been graced by God and the placement of certain people He has carved into my life; because I have some real GEMS in my corner.

They say happiness looks good on you. And though that may be very true, happiness is so much better when shared – which is exactly what Spring Bling weekend was intended for. Though Spring Bling began as an epic TURN UP for all TURN-UPS, it ended in unfiltered and ceaseless happiness in the pure joy and simplicity of friendship. It was a celebration of yet another year of friendship and loved shared for each's other wins, expansions, and growths. We wined, then dined and found joy in each other’s company. We made more memories and strengthened bonds. We cherished the NOW. It was time well spent.

And for that, I thank God. For the blessings in the bonds I’ve been able to create with people full of souls of color and light. What more could a gal like me ask for?

On that note, keeping this 100th post, short and sweet, I’ll end with some lyrics from strong and beautiful black soul, Romen:

“Only guarantee in life: You only live once and that’s the best advice.” So, as per usual, L I V E in the beauty of the NOW. L I V E a lush and full life.

Just… L I V E.

:: Post Rationalizing(s)

“Gotta take it off if you wanna take it higher. Let it go then let it flow.”

― Romen, Let It Flow ―

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