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:: Sister Act

Since I am playing a little of bit of catch. I am going to share a few moments that have happened since the start of the new year. Last month, in February, I had the grand opportunity to shoot my best friend’s oldest sister for her upcoming birthday later that same month. A beautiful soul, mother of two, a sister, a loving partner to the father of her children, Ashley, was and is such a wonderful presence to be around. So, I was more than grateful to have had the opportunity to capture her in the moments that allowed her inner spirit to shine brightest.

As Ariana Grande sang in her song, 7 Rings:

“Smile is beamin', skin is gleamin'

The way it shines, I know you've seen it!”

I was able to capture exactly that. The beam of her smile. The love in heart for not only her family, but the love she has for herself. And the GLEAM her aura emitted into the universe. It was a beautiful LIGHT to witness. And I am so fortunate to have shared this moment with her.

On that note, as I said in post to her on the day of her birthday, I wish my friend, and my bestie’s older sister Ashley the Happiest of Birthdays. May Chapter 31 be full of all the best life has to offer. May life continue to provide the tools needed for her to GROW through whatever she may GO THROUGH. May she continue to shine and be herself, unapologetically. May those that God has placed in her life, whether for a bigger reason or a quick season be also blessings and lessons – because we grow from the experiences those around us pull us through. And, lastly, but certainly not least, may God continue to carry her and bless her and her beautiful family. And remember, it doesn’t take a whole day to recognize SUNSHINE.

Again, I am grateful for having the opportunity to shoot such a beautiful black woman. A queen. A soul unlike no other.

With that said, adjust your CROWN, sis and sit PRETTY on your THROWN!

:: Post Rationalizing(s)

“Great people know great people.”

― Emad Chippa ―

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