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:: C H I C • 3 0 T H

They say April brings showers, so that May can bring flowers. However, April brought many flowers to this beautiful garden, I call... LIFE. Continuing with the honoring and celebrations, just a five days after celebrating my mother's birthday, I was granted the opportunity to witness yet another magnificent soul's revolution around the sun: my Best Friend.

And just like that, God allowed my Best Friend, Anetra, to witness another glorious year of life! Still Blessed and Highly Favored, God gave her yet another year to write yet another beautiful chapter in her wonderful book of life! Walking into her Golden Year ― 30 on the 30th ― she is LIVING her life as just that: like it is G O L D E N!

She a Black Queen that embodies nothing but the GRACE , LIGHT and MAGIC only Black Women carry. She is a powerful force ― like Arya Stark ― to be reckoned with! And I am beyond GRATEFUL for our 15 years of friendship!! She is the sister I chose that chose me back. She is the light to any cloudy day. She is simply an amazing friend who never once makes you feel bad for being YOU. And on that note, I MUST say: Anetra, I am truly BLESSED. God was showing out when He made you and He really did His thing when He placed you in my life. If I had all the right words to say to express my LOVE for you and how much my cup runneth over then I would. But alas I am speechless. So, I will continue to thank God for cultivating our friendship for all these years. Our garden is even more LUSH than ever before!! And it’s only growing BIGGER and BETTER by the years. So, Happy Birthday Bestie! I LOVE you immensely!! And to many more YEARS of blooming, shining, laughing, crying, overcoming, late nights, early mornings, EMBODYING and so so so much Slayage!

:: Post Rationalizing(s)

"You're so damn ELECTRIC! You know you got that JUICE!”

― Janelle Monáe ―

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