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Re-revving up my blog, I’ve decided to take some time to share some of my experiences that occurred throughout 2019. My sort of “Happiness Begins” tour. Though, for the most part, 2019 has been a year full of boundless happiness, laughter, and the beautiful growth of self and friendships, it has also been an emotionally draining year. Yet, despite it all, it has also proved itself a year full of beautiful experiences through travel. Be it domestic or international, I came, I saw, and I checked off a few to-dos on my travel bucket lists.

So, to start of this re-cap, this Happiness Begins Tour, of my 2019 experiences, I begin with my 4th of July long-weekend trip to New York. Though, not a new destination of travel, it is always a favorite travel point. New York, the home of my alma mater, Cornell University, it also home to one my favorite cities: New York City (The Big Apple). Placing a close second behind my hometown, NOLA (New Orleans), I have, over the many years, grown to truly love NYC for all that is and is not. A fast-paced, hustle and bustle of a city, NYC never ceases to amaze me with what it will provide for one looking for a good a time. And that… that is what my 4th of July weekend was: a G O O D time (with even better people). Parking ourselves in Harlem, my homegirl and myself, along with her little brother as our tour guide of sorts, we bounced from The High Line – one of my favorite spots in New York City, to The Vessel – truly an architectural spectacle – to the Museum of Illusions. We shopped, we ate endless amounts of Jamaican food, drank copious amounts of liquor, partied, laughed, binged on the season premiere of Stranger Things and squeezed in brunch at Woodlands in Brooklyn and a happy hour at Mr. Purple. And to cap off everything, my older brother stopped by with my nephew to pay me a quick visit.

A whirlwind of a weekend, it was truly a much-needed break from the reality of adulting. I made new friends and rekindled with old friends. My heart was warmed. I took in the beauty of life and let it fill me with joy. I smiled and cherished each moment God gave me that weekend because it was truly a weekend to remember. And I look forward to seeing what NEW adventures New York will hold for me on the next visit.

Toast Break:

This past 4th of July Weekend also marked my dad’s 64th birthday! So, big ups to my pops! This will be the second birthday in which, my brother and I didn’t physically celebrate with our dad with a trip to the beach – one of his favorite spots to go. However, we made it up to him later in the summer. And as expected, he had a great time just spending time with us. Again, big ups to my pops! And a big thanks to God for allowing him to see yet another revolution around the sun.

All in all, it was a great weekend indeed; I wouldn’t change a thing about it. New York will continue to have a piece of my heart for all of eternity. And it is on that note, I bid New York farewell, till next time.

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“Open the sky, get a handful.”

― Frank Ocean, Biking

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