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With a new month comes new opportunities and experiences to look forward to. So, like any new month, October, holds a few surprises! One of many surprises to come this month – outside the welcoming of the fall season – is Support Our Scholars (SOS) fall fundraising event. Slated to be held on the 17th of October at the Orlando Museum of Art at 6:00PM, SOS presents a one of kind fundraising soiree titled, “Follow Your Dreams.” As per the event description on their website – which will be provided below – SOS’s Follow Your Dreams event will be:

“…absolutely stunning, and the proceeds will go to support the incredible young women in our program. A ticket will provide you with entry into this lovely soiree at the Orlando Museum of Art. Please join us!

On top of event tickets, we are selling “keys” to your “Dream Dorm Room.” With each key (increase your odds and buy more than one), you will be entered to win $20,000 in luxurious gifts that will be set up in the dream dorm display. These gifts include:

  • Apple iPad

  • Hermes Throw

  • The Ritz-Carlton Bed Linens

  • Tumi Luggage

…and much more!”

A sure-to-be spectacular event that will raise money to support the young women (scholars) in the program, Follow Your Dreams is a special occasion event in which YOU can help a young woman beginning or continuing her collegiate journey: follow HER DREAMS. With that noted, if you’d like to attend please follow the link provided to purchase tickets and/or keys: FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS. Remember, there is nothing like lending a helping hand to those in need, especially when it comes to our youth, our future legacies. As they will be the ones to continue to pave the way to even greater successes.

This is an event you do not want to miss!

It will be a night to remember!

And to add a little background for those that don’t know too much about Support Our Scholars (SOS), below is quick synopsis of their organization (as per their website):

“… Support Our Scholars, a non-profit that provides financial and emotional support to disadvantaged young women with extraordinary potential during their college journey. Each scholar receives a stipend and dorm essentials, financial and leadership guidance, business contacts and professional opportunities, and a trained mentor who remains with her through her college career.”

As a former graduate of their program, I know firsthand how wonderful and instrumental this program was for me during my collegiate years. I am now transitioning into the mentor-sphere within in the organization and it’s been great to see how much the program has grown since I was inducted back in 2008 as one of two student scholars they supported. Now, they have over 30 young women they are supporting through the program and they continue to grow each year. It’s been a labor of love and if you can attend, it is sure to be a wonderful event.

Last note, as a current employee with KTH Architects, I am happy to also announce that KTH Architects will be represented at the event. We helped draft up a base plan for SOS to work with a fabricator to create the dream dorm display – which will be the focal feature at the Follow Your Dreams event. And Elena Pathak, the Senior Project Designer with KTH Architects, is working closely with Susan Johnson, the founder of the SOS organization and one of my mentors within the program, to design the dream dorm display! Again, this event has been a true labor of love! It will an event for the history books! Get your tickets and keys now!

You won't regret it!

:: Post Rationalizing(s)

“When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.”

― Maya Angelou―

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