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:: II. Grams

On the second installment of Grams, on the heels of Independence Day, or rather, more importantly, my father's 60th birthday (as of late I simply rejoice in the 4th of July because it is the day of my father's birth ― it is hard to find the patriotism for a country that devalues my life and those of my fellow black brothers and sisters), I find myself quite full of life even despite the recent atrocities that have occurred in the last few weeks. Before the 4th, the 3rd of July marked the first day in which I started "adult-ing." By that I mean, I made my first car payment for my baby BLU (aka Thor ― do not ask why my car must be named, just know it is). As daunting as it is accepting the responsibilities of adulthood, it felt more than grand to be in a place in which I am able to be the driver of my own life (no pun intended). Even though I am still unclear of my future and the roads I'll travel to reach some unbeknownst point in my life, I am full. Full of life. And with life comes the good, the bad, and the ugly and ALL of it, I am grateful for. Because of ALL of it, I am growing. I am learning. I am becoming. I AM.

With that little intro out of the way, this installment will feature, once again, MUSIC! Though I did mull over in my mind whether or not to share the moment in which I met up with my middle school best friend, Alonda Gray, after over 10 years of only being in contact via cards, occasional text messages, Facebook, and Instagram posts, I decided to hold off on sharing the full and complete details of that emotional meeting until August in honor of sharing that post in the mist of her birthday celebrations ― of which, God's willing, I'll be in attendance for. So, instead, I decided MUSIC was the next best thing for this installment.

This time around, I'll be sharing my latest obsession. Kiesza's Giant In My Heart. The complete perfection and utter magnificence of this song is like no other dance and deep house-influenced song that I've heard that I've kept on repeat for days on end. With a video that showcases the ever growing movement of a community hidden away for so many years moving into the light and out of the shadows, the song is given a richer life. Leaving you wanting more and rooting for one's ability to stand in the light and beauty of their own truth; this song brings back LOVE in a unique way. LOVE for your own self ― and contrary to popular belief, love for your own self is unlike no other love.

So, as per usual, listen. Enjoy. Repeat.

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