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:: VI. Grams

It just so happens that my SIXTH gram will bring in the start of TWENTY SIXTEEN — a year sure to be painted with colorful experiences, be them good, bad, beautiful and / or ugly. And what better way to kick off the opening of this year other than with a lovely tune by an amazing artist that has only recently taken up shop in my ever-growing music library!?

This tune, or shall I say more appropriately, song, titled, Piano Song passed through my ears and took root in my soul after watching Being Mary Jane's Season 3, Episode 5's "Hot Seat." Towards the ending of the episode, this song filled the corners of my room from my boxed TV set and made sure to imprint a lasting memory within me. Desperately in need of the name to the artist who sung the song so soulfully, I dived into a frantic internet search until I finally stumbled upon the lovely Eryn Allen Kane — the singer to the song I fell so quickly in love with — on Soundcloud. Immediately, I subscribed to her page and proceeded to support her efforts by purchasing her EP titled Aviary: Act I. And just like that, I was a fan overnight.

Eryn Allen Kane is just a breath of fresh air. The soul that is infused within her songs is so beyond the typical beauty of a work of crafted word art, that you forget that most of the music out on the radio waves is just sub-par at best. You realize that all hope is not lost for this newer generation of singers and songwriters who have nothing but the romantic dream to make it BIG. And it is because of artists like the lovely Eryn Allen Kane why I still believe in the power of music as well as why I still believe that there are diamonds in the rough.

Needless to say, I do hope, like myself, you find this song to be absolutely outstanding. It is truly a work of pure art. As I always request, do enjoy and indulge in this song more than just once. You won't regret it. That, I promise. Even more so, if you find yourself falling, swiftly and deeply in love with this song, as I found myself, then just immerse yourself in Eryn Allen Kane's EP. Again, you will NOT regret it.

Listen. Love. Repeat. Share.

And... Happy New Year!

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