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:: XIV. Grams

Every so often, like the regular coming and going of a full moon, beautiful music enters my life at a time so very perfect it is hard to believe it wasn't created for me / you / us and that moment. And such is the case with Sampha's music. A masterpiece, collecting the colors of life and blending them so effortlessly into melodies wrapped by words that paint a picture so whole... so beautiful... there's no way anyone could look away. If I could, I would simply post all his works here, but as his collection is deep, I will leave you with chance to dive into his works on your own, at your own will. For, now, I'll highlight, his song, "Timmy's Prayer" from his album Process.

A quiet force burning intensely in the soul, this song just SPEAKS volumes on love and, as he sings, how it "comes and goes." It dives, it jumps.. and well, Sade says it best herself, it ripples, like the deepest ocean. It is half and whole. Complete and incomplete. Full and empty. It is some things and every things. It simply is.

Indulge. Get totally lost. And just sit in it all.




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