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As there is no need to dive into the pure masterpiece of SZA's Ctrl album, I will simply share one of my many favorite musical lessons (songs) etched into this album: Anything. This song, like many others on her album, is just infused with the boundary-less, undefined, and caught up feelings masked with the false reclamation of time that personifies the millennial generation that which we find ourselves now. A pit of unknowns. Acceptance of less, when more is desired. Desires for what is unhealthy for the mind and soul. But a picture of what we all feel behind the IG filters, cryptic lyrical tweets, and unclean, exposed laundry on colorful Facebook posts. We are, as SZA, sings, “down for the ride…” to take us anywhere. And, like the fools we are, we HOPE. Something about hope. Hope for the best, even despite the worst. Keeps us ticking. Keeps us believing.

Keeps us. In. Love. I guess.

With something that could just be what it is we think we need. For now… It…

Will do.

So, indulge. This song is just one of many lessons learned and it never hurts to keep learning.

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