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:: XXII. Grams

The lemon has truly had a great couple of years – given it has had a long history of reminding us to make the best out of what you have – the lemon has truly become a musical testament of how to not only, "get it how you live it..." but how to continue to keep one's self elevated above all the curve balls life will throw at you. The era of “sorry I’m not sorry,” tart and to the point like an actual lemon, has been an era of time reclamation. And in true form to this phenomenon, N.E.R.D.’s Lemon, featuring Rihanna, a tart, yet slightly sweet jab to the musical ear, is a special gem. A flashback to the past when N.E.R.D. was in its heyday, Lemon reminds us that using what we got, to get to where we want will be a tried and true trick of the trade.

Infused with a mixture of classic 90’s and early 2000’s hip-hop, with a slight dabble of pop, Lemon, is truly a single to bop your head to. With Rihanna’s rapping packaging the song into a powerful punch, we are left in a nostalgic trance. Not to mention, we are also reminded that, in the not so subtle, but subtle way, that black lives, not only matter, but the TRUTH of the matter, is that black is beautiful. In all its forms, moving, still, rapping, singing, dancing, YOU NAME IT... and we are... and without apology. Sorry, we are NOT sorry!

As per usual, indulge. And don’t stop there: Share. Repeat. Enjoy.

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