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:: XXIII. Grams

Every so often I am graced with music that just penetrates my entire soul. It speaks, slowly, but in FULL and LUSH sentences. Punctuated with rhythms that seep into the deepest parts of my mind. It FILLS every square inch of me.

More than just a vibe.

Or a moment.

It just is.

And Jesse Boykins III's song, Vegetables, featuring Syd and Willow Smith, is just one of those songs. Light, yet heavy. This song just flows beautifully from beginning to end. Highlighting the most important thing I've personally strived to preach about on and throughout all aspects of my blog: self-love.

Loving others starts with loving yourself first.

Feeding your soul first.

Giving back to you.

Paves way to loving those around you.

When you are RIGHT within, it will radiate outwards. And becoming and coming in to the YOU, you are meant to be will hurt, sometimes. But you cannot give your WHOLE self, when you are still in pieces. As Willow Smith smoothly sings, "You must become what you run from. You must dig deep, to get with me."

It's all about the journey. Feed you.

Eat your vegetables.


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