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:: XXV. Grams

Short yet sweet, this gram will be. For the gem that will be shared deserves all the time needed to

m a r i n a t e

in your


It is musical work of art. Crafted with the same eloquence someone would seek when attempting to find the right words to spill out from their lips. In search of the letters that exude the feelings mushrooming deep in the darkest crevices of the soul.

It is the search for words and the power in which they hold to M O V E.







It is that moment of being just so: CLOSE.

But, not: QUITE.

Featured on the album, Everything Is Recorded, by Richard Russell, Close But Not Quite is intertwined perfectly within the entire musical body of the album. An introduction to the journey we all go through on a daily basis, Close But Not Quite reminds us that sometimes that someone does leave us speechless. And the words we need to give to them, are just not quite right. And that is okay. As Jack Kerouac once said, “One day I will find the right words, and they will be simple.”

So, take your time with this song (and take even more time with the album). It deserves it. And you will not be disappointed that you sit with this body of work.

Let it FILL you.

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