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:: XXVI. Grams

As much as I’d love to switch it up and share some poetry for a change, I cannot pass up the opportunity to share this absolutely captivating song by Anderson .Paak, titled: ‘Til It’s Over. Featured on Apple Music’s commercial for their Homepod, with FKA Twigs as the leading protagonist in the music video, this song just swallows you whole. Throwing you down a rabbit hole of wonderment, this song awakens the senses in every possible way. Reminding you that music, good music, M O V E S you.

Like many of the songs I’ve shared throughout my blog, this song falls right into the category of a skilled work of art. Pregnant with meaning and full of life, ‘Til It’s Over speaks to the soul on a deeper level. Because all great things come to an end, eventually, but in the meantime: “…it’s important that we make the best of short time.”

Because, “…we had fun if only for the time being.”

As usual, take your time with this gem. It deserves it. Let it FILL you. And appreciate all the GREAT moments this song brings back to you – no matter how short lived.

It will be worth it.

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