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:: XXVII. Grams

Powerful, with a little bit of tender, an electro-, sophisti-, funky, lady, Janelle Monae delivers to us an album full of gems. On her latest release, Dirty Computer, we get a homage album. Influenced by one of music's greatest kings, Prince, Janelle Monae's Dirty Computer is not only a beautiful mix of songs, but a stunning audio-visual album that gives you the "good-ole-days" vibe. Progressive, forward, and, most importantly, a proud ODE to WOMEN, Janelle Monae magically wraps us in lyrical bodies that spotlight the issues people of color face, women of color face and women / people of color of sexual fluidity face. Her album also manages to drown out the nonsense of the world through it's various pop-infused tracks as well as highlight the power of PYNK. Like another Queen, Queen Bey, that is, has once sang so effortlessly and loudly about, the question and answer remains:

Who runs the world?


And Janelle Monae’s album falls right in place.

Though, difficult to choose a song to feature with this month’s Grams post, it was only fitting that Janelle Monae’s PYNK song take the throne. A song for women about women loving women, this song is truly a WOMAN’s anthem. As the quote goes, “A queen without a king is still a queen,” this song is the epitome of that nugget of wisdom. Engraining in all of us, that, “Boy, it’s cool, if you got the blue… We got the PYNK.”

We are, and without apology.


Without a man.


Without a man.


Without the blue.

It’s on that note, that I suggest you give this song a listen. Let it sink in. From there, explore the rest of her album. You’ll be in for a treat when you watch the Emotion Picture (audio-visual) release that accompanies this album. It is truly a CREATIVE work of genius more than well deserving of multiple watches and listens. So, CONSUME. Share. And repeat.

As I always like to note, it will be worth it.

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