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There is something about discovering new, dope artists that just fills my entire spirit. Not only am I left with a library that grows increasingly colorful with each passing year, but I am also made a fan of an artist pursuing and mastering their craft — and there is truly nothing I cherish more. I appreciate artists of all forms and I love supporting them because I know how long it took them to get to where they are currently. As a creative myself, starting small, with hopes to grow larger one day, I take my time mastering my craft. Honing in on the skills that set me apart and using my weaknesses to help me reach higher feats, I work with what I got to get what I want. So, I, like any other creative, respect the hustle. I respect the grind. I respect the game we must play. That said, it is without further ado, I introduce the artist, Leikeili47, a black female rapper who is no stranger to the game. With her debut album Wash & Set dropping earlier this year, the album encompasses a full experience of black woman magic and black woman power. With tracks like Braids tuh’ da flo(w) infused with a rich sense of pride for hair love, and tracks like Attitude, featured on Insecure’s Season 2 soundtrack, proclaiming it’s okay to be a Black Woman with an ATTITUDE — simultaneously embracing the angry black woman stereotype and giving it new meaning — and there’s no need to apologize for it, Leikeili47 is able to build up her sisteren. Leaving us with a feeling that not only can we, but we will SLAY all day, with or with you (“you,” being men or anyone hating). Though as much as I want to share every song off her album, I’ll focus on Miss Me. As with many other songs on her album, this track is just the epitome of the “effs” she doesn’t give. In true fashion of the Maxine Waters’ era of “RECLAIMING my time,” this track begs the haters, imitators, time wasters, to simply “miss me with the BS…” because, at the end of the day, don’t NOBODY GOT THE TIME to waste. And again, with or without you, the SLAYAGE will be real.

Naturally, indulge. And don’t stop there. Take the journey and listen to her whole album, Wash & Set. I promise, you won’t regret it. Share. Repeat. Enjoy.

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